Sketchbook alternative

A couple of years ago I started a box for small art, which I intended to fill with postcard-sized pieces of art. Unfortunately I shelved it after I became deeply involved with half a dozen codex-style sketchbooks. Recently I was going through my paper supplies and found (too many) small scraps of Bristol and watercolour paper filed in various document envelopes. I remembered the box and decided to re-establish the project in order to make use of the scraps and other art supplies.

This format makes an interesting alternative to traditional sketchbooks, especially if you want to be able to sort the cards later.

Some other advantages:

  • as previously stated, it’s great for making use of all smaller scraps of paper
  • it’s not limited to one type of paper or medium, or lower quality paper
  • more diversity in the size and style of the box, as well as the size and number of cards
  • the option to spend as much or as little as you want on the paper
  • the ability to discard pieces you don’t like, or give away, sell or frame individual pieces without fear of destroying the binding of a sketchbook
  • the ability to spilt the collection and choose to keep some pieces private, and share others
  • there are almost unlimited possibilities
Some cards I’ve done over the last few days

I’ve given myself the task of filling the box with as many small pieces of art as possible, using all the art supplies I have. Even though it looks like I’m obsessed with plants, this is not going to the the theme of the box . . . or maybe it will? I’m not going to decide that. Instead, I’m going to let it be what it will be. That’s my motto for Creativity in 2021.

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