Mindful doodling: Am I doing it right?

In keeping with my 2022 Intentions poster I’ve been putting my pens and pencils to good use and filling a sketchbook with art for fun. Ok, so these aren’t exactly absent-minded scribbles, but they aren’t showpieces either. This is as close to doodling as I’ve been able to get. It’s really hard to create art that doesn’t have a specific purpose or plan, since even doodling is motivated by certain needs – in my case the need to switch off from all the expectations – all the should-dos on my ever-evolving project list. When I found myself getting too hung up on what it looked like, I turned the page and made something more organic. Every other page is much like the first image below, which I guess means I need more practice in being more spontaneous. At any rate, these were fun and helped me to appreciate the magic of mindful doodling.

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