About me

I am a self-taught artist from Queensland, Australia with a background in writing, research and proofreading. These days I focus on art, mostly playing with pen and ink and watercolour, and occasionally coloured pencil.

I have

— a Bachelor of Arts majoring in archaeology and palaeoanthropology
— a Graduate Diploma of Arts specialising in biological anthropology
— a Graduate certificate in editing and proofreading
— a Certificate in Drawing Nature, Science and Culture: Natural History Illustration from The University of Newcastle, Australia and Edx.org
— And I am a redhead

Purpose of this blog

I created this blog as a way to explore artistic creativity from the perspective of an artist and an anthropologist. I have a deep love for sketchbooks and art journals of all kinds, as I believe these offer an intimate perspective in to the minds of creative people. l also want to explore the journey and process of creativity, and share my own artwork.

My artwork is available on InPrnt and Redbubble.

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